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The Brainwave Optimization has been highly regarded by Oprah, People Magazine, celebrities. Please read famous singers Eden Atwood and Wynonna Judd comments under 'WHY USE BRAIN FITNESS HI".

If you are too busy to come to us, we will fly to you for your first 10 intensive brain trainings.

Brain Training Packages

Rates of services Price
Dual assessment - Brain Map Assessment & HeartMath Coherence Evaluation $150 - If you don't think the assessment result matches your brain's profile, no fee is charged. We guarantee our brain map assessment quality.
SPORTS, Academic Performance, Music Therapy $100 per hour
Biofeedback and Neurofeedback combined training $100 per hour
Addiction, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, insomnia $120 per hour
Attention, Focus, Memory, performance anxiety, SAT, GMAT, learning, ADD $100 per hour
HeartMath Biofeedback with Binural brain entrainment training $75 per hour
Annual Discount Membership specials after completing initial 10 sessions $140 monthly
Annual disocunt membership special: Medical Qi Gong & Meditation for min 12 mos. $ 60 monthly
Nutritional and diet Consultation (annual members are free for this service) $ 49 (30 min)
12 session intensive + proprietory BOSS system $2108 (24 hour)
Competive athletes - Peak Performance training

$3000 (24 hour)

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